Nowadays, it is difficult to start working for some company before a job interview, drug testing and other procedures that are common among employers. By reading test clear reviews, you can get familiar with the idea on which drug tests your employers could give you as the part of the hiring process.

At the same time, the popularity of phone interviews increased its popularity, and it became the central part of the interview process. There are numerous reasons for that because it will save both effort and time. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should provide zero energy on your part. Instead, you will need to spend more time preparing for an interview.

In most cases, phone screens are the first round of the hiring process. The next step involves an in-person interview and a drug test based on the company’s policies. It means that candidates should start phone interview prepared with relevant information about position, company and other strengths and skills as well.

People tend to make crucial mistakes during job phone interviews, so you should check our advises that you should follow. It is simple to mess up a phone interview, but it is not difficult to pass the first test, you need to know certain things.


Be In Quiet And Personal Area During The Interview

Even though this seems like common sense, you would be surprised at what interviewers would say about the background of phone interviews. For example, you should avoid being in a noisy area where barking dogs and screaming children is all around you.

Therefore, it is essential to prepare yourself for an interview by finding and secure and quiet space in advance. You can even go to your car in the garage, or something like that, try to make surroundings as quiet as possible.

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If you can lock your home office doors, you should do it by any means. We cannot create an entire scenario and sometimes things will happen without notifications, but the idea is to appear as prosperous and stable person on your phone.

That doesn’t mean if you hear some noise in the background such as washing machine beeping noise, which all hopes are lost, but you have to think it through and find a quiet place where you can be more focused on an interview.


Try To Avoid Talking About Your Personal Life

This is important unless they ask you a specific question on what you do in your off hours. The main point of a phone interview is to focus on getting to know a candidate’s goals and professional experience.

A recruiter will try to qualify them so that he/she can see who is the best that fits the role. Therefore, personal life is irrelevant in this particular point in the hiring process.

For example, if someone asks you where you see yourself in the next ten years, they are not talking about your personal life or whether you want to buy a new house or get married. They want to know from the professional point of view, which means that you have to think this through before you answer the call.

Don’t Do Anything Else Except Talking

Even though it is tempting to talk and do other things while you do it, have in mind that hiring managers and recruiters will easily say when your attention is somewhere else. Some interviewers state that they heard candidates making lunch, washing dishes and going for walks or in grocery shop during an interview.

This reflects the level of interest and respects the candidate has during an interview. It also means that if you multitask that you cannot organize yourself in the best way, which will prove a negative thing to do during a job interview.


Do Not Talk About Money

Even though you’ll have an urge to see what is the salary, unless the interviewer brings something out, you should avoid talking and asking about it. The chances are big that this is your first time talking with the company, so it is too early to ask about salary, and it is not an appropriate time to do it.

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It is always better to do it in person than on the phone because that way recruiter could be more transparent with you.


Practice Interviewing

Talking on the phone is not simple as most people think. Similar as an in-person interview, if you practice, you will be able to nail it without any additional problem.

You should rehearse answers to a phone by letting someone ask you interview questions. Only then, you’ll realize if you have some verbal issues such as inability to enunciate, or if you speak too slow or too fast.