Electronic cigarettes were actually patented a long time ago, but the engineer didn’t have enough resources to spread the word. So, when the right person came to the scene, we got something similar to today’s devices. If you want to stop smoking or just have something fun to do while you are waiting or just enjoying free time, e-cigs can be the right thing for you.

Depending on the taste of the user, you can choose from cig-alike, refillable, and voltage variable e-cig. If you are new, you should definitely read more about the products before buying them. There are many options you can take, so better get some knowledge before making a mistake. Many models exist now, but there are just similar in design and one of these three types. Do your research, and find the best electronic cigarette brands that will fit your needs.

Cigarette type

This type of e-cigs you most likely have seen somewhere online or someone using. The design is the same as a normal cigarette just the difference is in the size and it has one glowing dot. You usually find them in supermarkets and petrol stations. The price for this simple design is usually around 10 to $20. You can always get more cartridges that will cost you around $9.

It is made for the users that are just starting out, so you can get that feeling of using electronic cigarettes, and then you can move to more expensive with more options and bigger vape. They are very easy to manage.

Some of the bad things about this type are that the battery is small and it runs out very fast, and you need to recharge them constantly. If you are a fan of bigger vape production this also isn’t an e-cig kind for you. The cartridges need to be replaced frequently and can be quite pricey. These problems soon add up and many people transfer to a refillable e-cig. The only good thing is a small size.


Refillable e-cig

When you get into vaping you will for sure use a refillable type which is the most commonly used one. This type will allow you to refill simply with modest e-liquids. When compared to cig-alike, their battery lasts longer and you will have more liquid to vape. Also the liquid you need to get is cheaper than cartridges used for cig-alike. Because this type is most used, there are many flavors you can try.

You can get a starter kit where you will find everything you will need to become a regular e-cig smoker. You will notice how much more vapor it provides, and how flavors taste differently because of the power you have. The price is higher than cig-alike type, but it is affordable, and everyone can get one if they were anyway spending money on tobacco.

Get more information here: https://vapage.com/blog/tag/refill/

Variable Voltage

When it comes to variable voltage type of electronic cigarettes, they are something that every vape fanatic wants to have. Because they are larger, you will have more features than on other types like changing the power you use when vaping. There are also more features like using a larger battery to support the increase in power consumption and you can measure the resistance of your device.

If you are a starter you shouldn’t go straight to this type because it will take longer to adapt. You can switch from cig-alike when you have a clue what is like to vape. When you want to get variable voltage electronic cigarettes, you need to know that the price also goes higher and it can get up to $150.


Choosing the type for you

When you look at e-cig from cig-alike to variable voltage it can be viewed as levels of vaping. So, starting with cig-alike and then moving to the next level. It is smart to start from the easiest one to use, and then if you like it skip to the next level.

Also if you don’t want to waste your money, you should always calculate how much you want to spend because cig-alike can sometimes be more expensive depending on how much you use them. You can always ask for more information at the place you are planning to get one.